Dolly Parton to be Honored With a Philanthropic Award for Her Work

Dolly Parton is not just a singer who has the world in a grip with her beautiful vocals, but she also has a heart that is working for the betterment of people. The Carnegie Corporation of New York will award the famous singer the philanthropic medal in 2022. She is known for her country music worldwide. The philanthropist has always actively worked towards the betterment of society. Parton has been making sizable donations to many research projects like pediatric disease research for a very long time now.

Dolly Parton’s Career

Dolly entered the music industry as a songwriter for other artists and was quickly signed by known labels. She continued to give top hits to the industry with her writing partner. Later, she moved on to writing songs for herself and released an album. Even though she has sung songs of different genres like pop and bluegrass, country music is where the star really and truly shined. The “Jolene” singer has won several awards for her work in the music industry, including Grammys, Billboards, Academy for Country Music awards, etc.

The Dollywood Foundation

Dolly founded The Dollywood Foundation in 1988 with an aim to promote education in Sevier County, Tennessee. The foundation was able to achieve its goals, and the dropout rate of high schoolers was reduced to 6%. The organization continued to develop different scholarship initiatives in the county over the years. In 2017, Dolly donated $1 million to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital following the release of her children’s album. The foundation started My People’s Fund, which helped hundreds of families who lost their homes in the wildfire in 2018. This year Patron will receive the Philanthropic award for her great work and contribution to society. This honor will be given by The Carnegie Corporation of New York, which was established in 2001 in honor of Andrew Carnegie.

Production of Joan Rivers’ Biopic Series The Comeback Girl Is on Hold

Production of Joan Rivers’ Biopic Series The Comeback Girl Is on Hold

The highly anticipated life story of comedy icon Joan Rivers The Comeback Girl is facing a production halt due to a major legal issue. In this Showtime project, which was announced last month, WandaVision famed Kathryn Hahn was set to play the role of the legendary comedian.

The Project

The Comeback Girl was to be jointly produced by Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti Productions, and Atlas Entertainment. The limited series was going to be directed by Gerg Berlanti, one of the executive producers. Actress Kathryn Hann was attached to the project as the lead star and also an executive producer. The series was based on a spec script written by Cosmo Carlson.

The Obstacle

Production of Joan Rivers’ Biopic Series The Comeback Girl Is on Hold

The production of the series is not moving forward now due to the issues about the life rights of Joan Rivers. Rivers’ life rights are held by her daughter Melissa Rivers, since the comedian’s demise in 2014. These rights had not been secured yet by the producers of the series. To avoid the dispute, the project could have continued as an unauthorized venture, but then it wouldn’t be able to use any of Rivers’ unique jokes or iconic catchphrases, compromising the quality and merit of the series as a result. It is not officially confirmed yet, that whether Melissa Rivers has any other plan for biographical projects on her late mother, using her life rights.

The Theme

The theme of the limited series was centered on a hazardous time in Joan Rivers’ life. It was set in the period aftermath of the cancellation of The Late Show, Rivers’ controversial late-night talk show on Fox. Fatefully, the period coincided with the suicide of Rivers’ then-husband and The Late Show producer Edgar Rosenberg, who was Melissa Rivers’ father. The series wanted to portray the extraordinary life of the trailblazer comedy superstar, and the inspiring untold story of her comeback from the professional and personal abyss to rebuild herself as a global icon.