Halsey Breaks the Chains of Illusions About Postpartum Celebrity Bodies

Halsey recently opened up about her postpartum experiences and shared ‘real’ photographs of how her body looks after pregnancy. Halsey talked about her honest opinions and how the media expects female celebrities to look ‘perfect’ even after giving birth.

Thoughts on SNL

Halsey recently performed her song “I am not a woman, I am a God” on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Post this performance, she received a lot of praises for how ‘perfect’ her postpartum body looked. She later revealed in her posts how the dress was tailored perfectly to make her seem fitter so that she could feel confident while performing. The lighting in the performance was tested multiple times to ensure she looked as visibly flattering as possible.

Thoughts on Her Current Body

Halsey admitted in the caption, with regards to her recent pregnancy how it is often portrayed that with workout and diet you can get your pre-pregnancy body back. She commented on this saying that she knows no matter what she does, she will never have her pre-pregnancy body back. Giving birth to a child, to a little person is a permanent and huge change. She also opened up saying that no one admits this but even after giving birth you still look pregnant for a while. She shared pictures of her belly right after giving birth to ‘break the chain of illusions about postpartum bodies’

Thoughts on Giving Birth

Halsey shared how grateful and happy she was to finally be able to hold her son and play with him. Working out is currently not important to her. She wants to give all her time and attention to her child right now. Her looks are her last priority, at the moment. Halsey encouraged her fans to be realistic and accepting about all postpartum and pregnant bodies. She talked of how beautiful the experience was for her with all its ups and downs.