Jane Fonda Rocks Her Red Coat On the Oscars Stage

At the 92nd Academy Awards show, there were many memorable moments. Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for acting, the South Korean film Parasite won Best Picture, and plenty more unexpected events were in store. But one thing that might have caught people’s attention is Jane Fonda and how she presented the award for Best Picture, all while holding her fabulous red coat on her arm.

Jane Fonda Rocks Her Red Coat On the Oscars Stage

Jane Fonda – An Actress and Activist

The Oscars are one of Hollywood’s biggest nights and not many people carry their coats with them on stage. What people should have known is that Jane Fonda didn’t do it by mistake. In fact, she did it to make a statement.

As an actor and activist, Jane Fonda led a celebrity campaign in the fall of 2019 in Washington, DC called Fire Drill Fridays. She had a goal that she committed to which was to be arrested every remaining Friday of 2019.

A Coat Signifies Her Protests

Her red coat was a significant part of her protests. As she was getting arrested, she mentioned that the red coat would be the last article of clothing that she would ever buy.

It became a symbol of her commitment as an activist to the climate and she helped make that point while on stage at the Oscars. She even re-wore a dress that she had worn previously which was not the first time for her to do so.

Jane Fonda Rocks Her Red Coat On the Oscars Stage

It quickly became a symbol of her commitment to the climate, and last night helped to punctuate the re-worn dress when she took the stage. It’s also not the first time she’s repeated an outfit (an act many celebrities would’ve cringed at not long ago), and we’re already excited to see what she pulls out of her closet next.

People can learn a lot from Jane Fonda and it’s not only that fast fashion is a problem. According to her, people should go shopping for their identities.