Jason Kelce’s Essential Packing List for Dads in the Delivery Room

Comfort and Snacks

First on the list are items to keep you comfortable and energized. Labor can take a while, so bring snacks and drinks to keep your energy up. Think about packing granola bars, fruit, water, and maybe some coffee.

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Also, wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra set just in case. A pillow and blanket from home can make a long stay at the hospital more comfortable. You might also want to pack a book, tablet, or headphones to help pass the time during quieter moments.

Essentials for Mom and Baby

Next, don’t forget the essentials for mom and baby. Pack important documents like IDs, insurance cards, and the birth plan if you have one. For mom, bring her favorite toiletries, a robe, and slippers to make her feel more at home.

A phone charger is a must to keep everyone updated and take those first photos. For the baby, pack a going-home outfit, a soft blanket, and any special items you want for their first moments, like a hat or mittens.

Supportive Items

Lastly, think about items that can help you support your partner. Bring a small cooler with ice packs for her drinks and snacks. A massage tool or tennis ball can help relieve her tension during labor.

A good camera or your smartphone will capture those precious first moments. Don’t forget a notepad and pen to jot down any important information or memories. Being prepared with these items can help you stay calm and focused, providing the best support for your partner.

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Jason Kelce’s packing list ensures you’re ready for anything in the delivery room. By packing snacks, comfort items, essentials for mom and baby, and supportive tools, you can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Remember, being prepared helps you stay calm and be the best support for your partner during this special time.