Why Martha Stewart Chose to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Martha Stewart opened up about a lot of things when talking with Kelly Vaughan and one of them was regarding her current diet. Stewart stopped consuming meat and started embracing a plant-based diet.

Martha Stewart Portrait
Why Martha Stewart Chose to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

When talking with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Martha revealed that an estimated 6% of Americans are vegetarian while 30% of Americans are beginning to incorporate more plants into their everyday diets.

Martha Stewart Talks Plant-Based Diets

At 78 years old, Stewart mentions that she’s been eating a plant-based diet for years now. She also talks about how her daughter, Alexis is a vegetarian while her two grandchildren eat fish, but don’t eat meat. The family knows a lot about the problems that arise from farming meat.

Martha Stewart recently teamed up with Beyond Meat, which is a company that focuses on creating plant-based substitutes for meat. They have products that closely resemble chicken, pork, or even beef sausage while making sure to stay entirely plant-based.

Beyond Meat and Marth Stewart launched “Beyond Breakfast Sausage” which has all plant-based ingredients while making sure to not genetically modify the gluten, soy, and other organisms. Martha chose to do this in order to fight the impact that farmed meat has on the environment.

Martha Stewart on Plant-based Diets
Why Martha Stewart Chose to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Stewart also stated that Beyond Meat is a brand that offers plant-based options that are better for you when compared to animal protein. This makes it a great way to change or even expand a diet according to Martha.

Reducing Meat Consumption

Martha Stewart believes that it’s important to start conversations regarding plant-based diets. She also thinks that reducing the world’s meat consumption is another step in the right direction towards curing some of the environmental problems on a global level.

Stewart also said that she wouldn’t ever become vegan, but she does rarely eat meat. If she does, it comes from her own farm.