What Meryl Streep Has to Say About Her Role as Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins was a popular American socialite and amateur soprano singer who was widely mocked for her lack of talent and flamboyant performance costumes. She is also a woman with a bold dream and an unstoppable spirit. Played by Meryl Streep (as Florence) and Hugh Grant (as her husband), Florence Foster Jenkins heartwarming and humorous movie that virtually anyone can enjoy. What does Meryl think of her performance? Let’s see!

Meryl Streep as Florence
What Meryl Streep Has to Say About Her Role as Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl First Heard About Florence in Drama School

When she was in college, Meryl performed in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. During a lunch break, she overheard some of the musicians play a Florence tape. “Any drama and music student has heard of Florence,” Meryl said.

When asked if she thought Florence was delusional or exceptionally courageous, Meryl Streep said the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Florence’s allure comes from her joy at pursuing a dream with a childlike determination without caring about what the adults would say. That’s something precious and quite rare.

Florence Came From Money, but She Was a Very Generous Woman

 Florence Foster Jenkins
What Meryl Streep Has to Say About Her Role as Florence Foster Jenkins

In a time when women either inherited or married into money, Florence was part of the lucky bunch. She joined 60 clubs in New York and moved her way up the social hierarchy. Meryl says she was incredibly generous, donating to multiple charities, primarily dedicated to arts.

Meryl Streep Says it’s Actually Easy to Sing Badly

When asked if she struggled to sing off-key and rather badly, she laughed. “To sing badly is surprisingly easy.” What’s more, Meryl claims she doesn’t even know how her own voice sounds considering that whenever she has to sing in films, it’s always in character — be it a witch or a rockstar. To Meryl Streep, Florence was actually pretty close to being an okay singer, and that is probably why she had audiences glued to watch her perform. They hoped she might actually get better at it.