Succeeding at Any Age — Some Useful Advice From Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is known for many things including her music, film roles, fashion, and more. At the age of 50, she hasn’t slowed down. In fact, some even might say that working hard is something that’s in her DNA. She recently shared details regarding her latest launch, which is a footwear collection with DSW featuring espadrilles for the springtime, sexy pumps, along with stylish sneakers. Now, the icon is giving advice on how to succeed at any age.

Jennifer Lopez performing

Thoughts on 50

Lopez spoke with Elle magazine and talked a little about her ever-evolving career. She mentioned that she wished she had known at a younger age that not everything ended at 50.

When J. Lo was 20 years old, the only thought she had about being 50 was that it would be the end. She hadn’t thought she would be in her best shape at the age of 50 or that her career would be taking off even though she’d been going for a long time.

According to the icon, age is just a number and everyone can succeed regardless of how old they are. Lopez believes that the very outdated idea that women can’t excel after a specific age should be rebelled against.

Jennifer Lopez mentioned that she has a lot of experience now, along with the knowledge that is a great advantage when it’s put into practice.

Advice from Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez during a concert

J. Lo believes that if you continue to work hard and push yourself, you can become a better person mentally, physically, and emotionally. The key is to stop asking yourself, “Will I look like that?” and instead, ask yourself what you want to do next.

She also talked about how people have to stay true to their human roots and keep their sense of humor, even when times are hard.