Here’s How to Get Rid of Bruised Apples in a Delicious Way

After every season, there are always a few apples rolling around the back of the fruit drawer. Gradually, those lonely fruits get mealy and bruised. Then there comes a time when you don’t know what to do with them anymore, and one day they get thrown in the trash can. But not anymore! Toss your left-alone bruised apples in a slow cooker with a few ingredients and whip up your own homemade apple butter to impress your guests the next time.

Apple Butter

There’s no butter in apple butter. It’s all about the condiment’s buttery consistency and smooth texture, which comes from a long and slow-cooking process. It should be thicker and more textured than applesauce. It’s one of the greatest ways to use up old and bruised apples. Obviously, you can use fresh apples too, but it really won’t make any difference in the end! Just don’t use ones with excessive bruises or molds, and you’re good to go.

The Benefits

This rich velvety spread is super delicious, full of nutrients, and highly versatile. To enjoy apple butter at its best, spread it on a slice of buttered toast or spoon it warm over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can add it to your fall charcuterie board too, as apple butter pairs beautifully with sharp cheddar. Also, it is incredibly easy to make at home. You don’t even need to peel the apples! And in that way, you’ll be keeping the fiber and nutrients more intact. Here’s the recipe to make no-peel apple butter easily at home.


● Washed and cored apples, 6 lb. (About 18 medium-sized)

● Brown sugar (1 cup)

● Lemon juice, 2 tsp.

● Ground allspice, ¾ tsp.

● Ground cinnamon, ½ tsp.

● Ground nutmeg, ½ tsp.

● Vanilla, 1 tsp. (Optional)


● First, cut the thoroughly washed and cored apples into wedges. Place them in a large crock pot with the remaining ingredients.

● Cover the pot and let the fruits caramelize on high flame for 4 hours. Don’t stir or mix.

● Then put the flame off and remove the lid. Mash the apples gently with a masher. Blend until smooth using a hand blender.

● Pour the blended mix back into the slow cooker. This time cover it slightly ajar. Cook again for 4-5 hours, and keep mixing every hour, until thick and smooth. Turn the heat off.

● Let the cooked mixture cool and store it in glass jars. You can preserve homemade apple butter in the fridge for a month. Use sterilized jars if you want them to last longer.