End the Annoying Snack Cravings & Build Healthier Habits

It’s the pastry before noon, the chocolate bar in the afternoon, and the chips after dinner – it’s the vicious cycle of a snack after snack that seems impossible to escape. Well, fortunately for you, there are ways to end this unhealthy habit once and for all. A whopping 27% of women say they turn to snacks even if they’re not particularly hungry, and a third of them choose unhealthy foods when they are bored.

Woman looking at a plate of sweets with longing and desire
End the Annoying Snack Cravings & Build Healthier Habits

The Answer Is the 3:2:1 Formula

The reason many of us love nibbling on snacks is that we often lack a clear and balanced meal structure. Adopting the habit of snacking can easily cause overeating, obesity, and other health problems. The solution is a simple to understand and adopt formula, that helps you plan your meals throughout the day.

The 3:2:1 method covers:

  • Three balanced meals throughout the day, including breakfast
  • Two smaller snacks (no more than 300 calories in total)
  • One larger snack for those who are exercising that doesn’t exceed 250 calories

Aim for a Quality Snack

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End the Annoying Snack Cravings & Build Healthier Habits

If snack you must, make sure to choose something that will fill your tummy with quality, nutritional food. Steer clear from low-nutrient, high-calorie snacks that won’t satiate your hunger but will add to your daily calorie intake. Look for foods with fiber and protein instead of sugars and carbohydrates.

Know Your Weak Spots

Woman looking at a piece of cake while reaching to grab a fruit instead
End the Annoying Snack Cravings & Build Healthier Habits

We all have our special cravings and types of snacks we can barely refuse. So, plan your snacks in advance, and if let’s say you have a sweet tooth, prepare something sweet and healthy with you like a fruit you like, so you can have it when the snack time comes. You get to satiate your sugar craving by filling you with vitamins and fibers at the same time. It’s a win-win for you!