Eating Eggs Improves Thyroid Heath

The American Thyroid Association states that about 20 million people in America currently have a thyroid disease of some form. Among these numbers, 60% of them are unaware of suffering from it. According to findings, women are more likely to suffer from it than men by five to eight times. Furthermore, one in eight women develops thyroid disorders during her lifetime. The solution to this problem? Eating a nutrient-rich diet will help support your thyroid glands so that bigger problems can be avoided.

Eggs it Is!

Among the list of foods, eggs should definitely be included. This is because chickens are fed fortified nutrients that result in eggs having a higher content of nutrients – iodine and selenium. These nutrients boost your thyroid health. The thyroid gland is located in the neck. It produces hormones that control the body’s metabolism, mood regulation, and reproduction, among other functions. In fact, if you’re having trouble with your thyroid, it could lead to nagging symptoms such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, and constipation. You surely don’t want that. This is why you need eggs in your diet.

Selenium and Iodine

Eggs are rich in the mineral selenium, which can help with bodily functions such as hormones, reproduction, and metabolism. The thyroid is known to contain the largest concentration of selenium in your body. This mineral affects the production of thyroid hormones and turns T4 to T3. These are hormones that regulate functions such as body temperature, metabolism, and heart rate. Research has shown that selenium deficiency could lead to many thyroid disorders. Eggs also have iodine, which is important for producing thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency could cause hypothyroidism. This is a condition where the thyroid does not produce enough hormones. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are low energy, weight gain, and depression. Additionally, eggs are also rich sources of Vitamin D and E. More reason to include this food into your diet.

MTV Awards ‘In Memoriam’ Segment Jokes With Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

There’s always some sort of turmoil in show business. Whether someone has cheated on their partner or hasn’t behaved properly at the workplace, the media has a way of finding out these secrets and making them public. That’s what happened to Ellen DeGeneres last year when current and former employees started coming out with horrific stories about the toxic environment behind the scenes of the show. The MTV Movie & TV Awards didn’t miss the opportunity to poke a little fun at the demise of the show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show to End After Season 19

The news that next season will be the last for the talk show came from Ellen herself on May 12 when she delivered the news to her audience. Her reasoning was simple: DeGeneres claimed she was leaving the show because it was no longer “challenging” for her. She insisted that last year’s allegations didn’t play any part in her decision, even though the scandal was “very hurtful.”

No one was really surprised by the news because the ratings of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have been in free fall ever since the allegations started circling around.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards Offered a Comedic Look at the Situation

a black and white picture of Ellen DeGeneres with the caption "Ellen's reign of terror 2003-2021"" The host of the awards, Nikki Glaser, kicked things off with a parody of a traditional in-memoriam segment. She wanted to take a “somber/awkward moment” to acknowledge everything that “the world of unscripted entertainment” has lost this year. The montage featured a scene from Love Is Blind — the dating reality show that saw Giannina run away from her own wedding. Viewers also saw Scott Disick back when he was still dating “age-appropriate women,” and then there was Ellen.

Leaving the best for last, the MTV Movie & TV Awards ended the segment with a black and white image of Ellen DeGeneres captioned “Ellen’s reign of terror, 2003-2021.”