Make This Easy and Delicious Leftover Frittata as an Essential Sunday Dish

Nothing can beat DIY brunch dishes as the perfect comfort food you need on Sunday afternoon. Those dishes tend to be very unimpressive to make but very impressive to look at and totally yummy to gobble up! The leftovers from your weekend dinner can work wonders here, especially if you can whip up an easy and quick throw-it-all-in dish like this leftover frittata. Check out the recipe here:

Basic Ingredients:

● 6-8 eggs (depending on how hungry you are)

● A few glugs of whole milk (skip the ‘whole’ part if you’re fat-conscious)

● A few drizzles of olive oil

● Salt and pepper to taste

Ingredient Combinations to Try:

● Leftover noodles/pasta + cauliflower/broccoli + provolone + bacon + parmesan

● Baby spinach + Kalamata olives + feta

● Chorizo + cilantro + Oaxaca cheese

● Prosciutto + goat cheese + asparagus

● Smoked salmon + asparagus + chives

The Process:

● Crack the eggs into a large bowl and add pinches of salt and pepper. Whisk in milk until everything is well blended. You can use skimmed milk instead, but remember, whole milk will yield a creamier frittata.

● Take a few drizzles of olive oil in a 10-inch standard skillet and heat over medium heat. Sauté veggies of your choice or whatever you have until tender. Season with salt and pepper.

● Pour the egg mixture into the skillet on top of the veggies. Now, drop in all the frittata accouterments, which can’t be sautéed. Try the above-mentioned combinations or just throw in whatever you’ve got on hand. It works!

● Cook the frittata over medium heat for about 7 minutes or until the edges start to loosen up from the sides of the skillet.

● Turn the heat off, carefully flip it over a plate or a serving tray, and your leftover frittata is ready to be devoured!

Bonus Tip:

Before serving, sprinkle some extra grated or crumbled cheese on top of the frittata and broil it for 2-4 minutes. Then, sprinkle some finely chopped cilantro, spring onions, or chives over it. Added presentational value plus extra deliciousness is guaranteed!