Budget-Friendly Summer Decoration Ideas for Your Backyard

Whatever the size, your backyard can be a great meeting and relaxing space if you know how to set up a sitting nook. But, despite common opinion, decorating your backyard doesn’t have to be very expensive. All it needs is a little time and effort, a few pieces of furniture, and your imagination. Here are a few tips to affordably transform your backyard, patio, or porch, into a laid-back oasis.

Mapping Out a Floor Plan

This is the first step to follow before setting up an outdoor sitting area. If you map out a floor plan, it will give you the exact idea of the size of your backyard. Once you get that, it’s surprisingly easy to set up an alfresco sitting area. For example, in a longer stretch of backyard space, you can create a simple horseshoe living-room-style format with a wicker bench, a center table, and chairs. This will ensure comfort and optimal conversation flow when used.

Anchoring the Space

The next step is to anchor the sitting space with a centerpiece. It can be an unusually designed center table, a cozy plush sofa set, a beautifully carved accent piece, or even a bright patterned outdoor rug. Rugs ground any sitting nook superbly while pulling everything together into one single unified space. They also bring a dash of color to the space. Just add the bigger pieces of furniture surrounding it followed by the smaller ones and accents.

Mixing Hues and Prints

Mixing and matching patterns and colors is the fastest way to liven up any simple seating area. Patterned floor mat or rug and sofa seat cover in contrasting hues can brighten up your backyard in a jiffy. Top a scalloped patterned or blue striped seat cover with a medley of cushions and pillows in fun summery prints or contrasting bright solids. Consider palm tree or floral print, jade green, sea blue, sunshine yellow, and fuchsia pink hues. For a long bench or sofa, display a minimum of 5-6 pillows to give the area an ultra-inviting look.

Adding a Naturally Refreshing Flair

Setting up a few planters is the easiest way to make your backyard feel just like a luxe retreat. Thoughtfully arrange lush green plants in a few pots and planters of various sizes, one or two with bright colorful flowers, and a few eye-catching touches of sitting arrangements and accents. Your backyard sitting nook will liven up in no time. This little touch of nature will keep the space cooler and comfortable even on a sunny afternoon.

Creating a Cozy Amped-Up Ambience

For an outdoor sitting space, try to include materials that are the perfect blend of trendy and cozy. Burlap or rattan chairs, baskets, or sofa sets can do the trick easily by adding a feeling of warmth to the space. Then amp up the entire ambiance with candles and lanterns, and see how your backyard can be brightened and lightened up even after the sunset. The soft glow from different-sized candles and lanterns will double the warmth and coziness of the area in ways you simply can’t get from lamps.

What’s Hidden in the Book of Hours That Belonged to Anne Boleyn

When Anne Boleyn failed to produce a male heir to King Henry the VIII, she was executed at his command on trumped-up charges. As she walked to her execution, Bonelyn handed her prayer book to a lady in waiting. Modern research of the Book of Hours has shown hidden writing on the pages that were previously unnoticed.

The Book of Hours - Anne Boleyn's prayer book. Anne Boleyn Was Executed

Anne was executed on May 19th, 1536 when she was between 28 and 32 years old. King Henry the VIII ordered Anne Boleyn’s execution under the charges of treason, witchcraft, adultery, and incest. However, the queen was only guilty of not being able to give the king a male heir. Upon her death, the king did his best to make sure she became forgotten by getting rid of her belongings, images, and any other item that would keep her in someone’s memory.

King Henry VIII The Queen’s Prayer Book

Just before her execution, Queen Anne Boleyn handed her personal prayer book to one of her trusted ladies in waiting. This book was missing for centuries until it was discovered in Anne’s family home once it was bought by William Waldorf Astor, a wealthy businessman. According to historian Kate MacCaffrey who spent a year studying the Book of Hours, anyone who was caught with any item that belonged to the late Queen Anne would have been considered a traitor, which speaks of how much danger the women protecting the book were actually in.

Anne Boleyn What New Research Showed

When the pages of the Book of Hours were examined under ultraviolet lights. Four names were found inscribed on the pages. The names Gage, West, Shirley, and Guildford were connected to Elizabeth Hill, one of Anne’s childhood friends. McCaffrey believes that these Tudor women passed the book between each other, keeping it safe for Elizabeth I, Anne’s daughter, to protect the memory of their unjustly persecuted and executed friend.

Queen Elizabeth I