Those Random Garage Sale Finds Tucked Away in a Corner? Put Them to Use With These 3 DIY Ideas

Turn Your Clutter Into Decor Through DIY

Do you have a lot of clutter lying around that you have seemingly no use for? Well, you can make them into tasteful and useful decor pieces around the house. Here are a few ways that others have done it and how you can modify it to suit yourself!

Get Creative With Utensils

Get Creative With Utensils

Repurpose stuff around the house to give it a vintage touch. An internet user named Carlene Blair shares her design in which she made a vignette around an old wooden pin that she had no practical use for. “I just love vintage kitchen utensils and kitchen wares,” she said, “So, you would think that I would love to cook and bake, but that is not the case!”

How to DIY It

Thoroughly clean your rolling pin before stenciling or painting. Fix your rolling pin in place on your work surface, put the stencil on top, tape it, and mark an outline with a fine tip. Use 220-grit sandpaper to give it an aged appearance through slight sanding. Spray wax on it, wipe it clean, and hang it. There you have it, your very own personalized decor item!

Book Your Stuff

Book Your Stuff

The Thrift Diving Blog by Serena Appiah is a great place to learn about innovative, easy, and delightful storage tips and tricks for your house. In this case, she turned a bookcase into a fitting option to store her kids’ toys and LEGOs. This way, not only can they see it and access it easily, it keeps their playroom neat and helps prevent people from stepping on any of those blocks.

How to DIY It

Measure your bookcase and buy pine strips in suitable sizes to frame the top, with thick pine boards to make the lids. Make sure to include some overhang to enable good grip. Make two longer and two shorter strips to come together at 45-degree angles on the bookcase top to frame the storage boxes. Now, secure the wood in place, and if needed, include more strips of wood depending on the compartments you want. Now all you need to do is add the lid with the hinge, and there you have it! A convenient and overall great storage option for your kids’ playroom!

Put Those Christmas Ornaments to Good Use

Put Those Christmas Ornaments to Good Use

The Inspired by Charm Blog by Michael Wurm Jr. has a very fitting mantra “Create Your Happy Place.” The latest post on this delightful corner of the internet is a combination of his “mild obsession with glass Christmas ornaments” and adding a holiday feel to his house.

How to DIY It

Use as many Christmas ornaments as you have lying around. Pick a wreath with the right material for your ornaments. This will provide them and the hot glue with a good surface to cling to. First, start with the bigger ornaments, then fill in with the smaller ones. When done to your liking, add a floral wire at the back with a metal support for the wreath. Now, pick a spot around the house and hang it with care!

Here’s How to Recharge the Thyroid This Season

The thyroid is an important gland in our body. It’s responsible for secreting hormones that regulate growth and development. A healthy thyroid leads to healthy metabolism and a lower risk of certain diseases. The body’s batteries also need to be recharged once in a while to function properly. Here are some ways you can rev up the thyroid and feel as good as new again!

Melt That Stress Away

One of the best and most effective ways to get your body up and running is to take a little rest and relax. Even 30 minutes of some downtime can do wonders for your body. Hop on your porch swing and sway the stress away. It may cut down the production of cortisol, a thyroid-draining stress hormone. Relaxation was also vetted by Utah State Researchers as a great recharge for your thyroid.

Down a Tropical Shot

Drinking aloe vera juice, daily, can go a long way in rejuvenating the health of your thyroid. According to Italian research, the plant enhances thyroid function by 49 percent in 9 months! Taz Bhatia, MD, has noted that only one or two ounces daily can protect the gut lining from severe damage. You can make several amazing aloe vera juices to keep it fresh and delicious.

Add in Some Ginger

Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine recently published new research which touted ginger as a great addition to your daily diet to boost the thyroid. Half a teaspoon every day can better the function levels, and cut down on fatigue and brain fog, in as little as one month! It also helps in curbing oxidative stress which damages thyroid function. Since this is a dynamic spice, add it to your drink or food for consumption.

Skip the Gym

You don’t have to skip your workouts entirely for this step. Instead, avoid strenuous workouts which deplete the gland and opt for gentler activities like walking. Walking is said to enhance thyroid function by almost 76 percent in twelve weeks. Add in the superpower of Vitamin D gotten from the sun, and the combination is a boost of a new life for your gland.

Up Your Toast Game

Upgrading your normal white bread for whole wheat can help you get more selenium which helps in nourishing your thyroid. Selenium-rich foods are said to help enhance your thyroid functions. Not only that, but this bread also contains magnesium, a mineral that cuts the risk of thyroid slowing down, significantly.