The Ultimate Guide to Low-Maintenance Hair Colors

The Most Stylish and Low-Maintenance Hair Colors

Changing up your hair color to stay on-trend is exciting, but who wants to constantly visit the salon? That’s where low-maintenance hair colors come in. While there might not be a magic fix for salon visits, some colors and techniques can ensure that your hair continues looking fabulous long after your color appointment. Today we will let you in on what the top hair colorists have to say about hair colors that are not only trendy but also grow out gracefully.

What’s Low-Maintenance?

What’s Low-Maintenance?

Consulting with your colorist is key, but having an idea of what you want is helpful too. Top colorist Lorena M. Valdes suggests that colors leaving your natural hair untouched and only adjusting the mids and ends are perfect for low-maintenance upkeep. Balayage, a hand-painted highlighting technique, is also a winner. Celebrity hair colorist Brian O’Connor recommends baby lights for a soft blend and easy grow-out. Baby lights are delicate highlights woven throughout the hair for a natural blend of colors.

Colors That Demand More Attention

While some colors require less effort, others are high maintenance. Red hair, for instance, fades quickly and is challenging to maintain. Solid colors that don’t blend well with your natural color will also show a noticeable line of growth. Colors like all-over bleach and tone or allover black are also high maintenance.

Caring for Your Color at Home

Caring for Your Color at Home

To maintain your hair color, avoid excessive heat styling and sun exposure. Valdes suggests avoiding abrasive shampoos and chlorinated swimming pools. Opt for color-locking shampoos and conditioners, and always use a heat protectant before styling. Because colored hair is prone to damage, use a hair mask to keep it healthy. Consider masks with colored pigments to boost your color between salon visits.

Trending Low-Maintenance Hair Colors and Styles

Let’s discuss tones! The secret is discovering the hue that resonates with your personality and brings out the star within. Follow in the style footsteps of icons like Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Priyanka Chopra, as they effortlessly adopt plain yet beautiful looks. The subtle beauty of Hailey’s sun-kissed hair color splendor, the skillful brilliance of Jennifer’s balayage, and the graceful refinement of Priyanka’s bob are fabulous hair trends on the rise. Say goodbye to hours of styling and welcome a look that’s easily stylish and mesmerizingly winning. It’s time to adopt the defiant and stylish bewitchment of low-maintenance hair colors and styles!

Emily in Paris Is Coming Back for Season Two – Get the Details

The Netflix series Emily in Paris was trending for weeks on the streaming platform when it first came out, and now fans can get ready to watch a second season. The series was officially renewed for season two. The series tells a story of a young, stunning, and fashion-forward woman, Emily, who moves to Paris to pursue her dream job of working in a French marketing firm.

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins in season 1 of the Netflix series.Being tasked to bring a helpful American perspective to the French company, Emily is challenged in many ways but ends up pleasing quite a few people with her work. The end of season one left many cliffhangers and people on edge to find out what could happen next, and the Netflix platform is giving people what they want.

Big Things for Emily in Paris

The creator, Darren Star, of Emily in Paris started discussing the plot for season two just after the renewal was announced. It’s said that Emily will start making her life in Paris, and there might be moments when Emily takes advantage of her easy access to the other European countries.

After a brief pause in production due to lockdown restrictions, the cast of the series made it Instagram-official that filming was back on. During the writing process, there were quite a few situations when the writers were inclined to write things down because they wanted them to happen in season 2.

New Characters Being Introduced

Emily in Paris stars Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in a scene from season 1 of the series. When interviewed by Cosmopolitan, Lucas Bravo, the actor who plays Gabriel, hinted at the fact that there could be a few additional layers to the love triangle of Gabriel, Camille, and Emily. There are new characters, and with the existing cliffhangers, there are a lot of paths this next season could take.

Aside from Gabriel chasing after Emily, despite his relationship with Camille, there may be a new suitor. Lucien Laviscount is being added to the cast as Alfie who is a charming yet sarcastic cynic who is opposed to speaking French and immersing himself in the French culture.