3 Great Mindfulness Exercises to Unlock the Path of Mental Health

Peace of mind is not a very easily achievable state. No matter how bad we want it, all negative feelings like sadness, stress, anxiety, anger, irritation, frustration, etc. don’t typically disappear or evaporate quickly. Instead of denying or submitting, practicing mindfulness is an easier and more effective way to heal from these sufferings. Here are a few experts-suggested mindfulness exercises for your ultimate mental and emotional health.

Stillness Exercise

If the word ‘meditation’ intimidates you or leaves you unconvinced, simply switch your concept of ‘mastering meditation’ to ‘practicing stillness.’ You can do it anytime and anywhere if the surrounding is noiseless. It is as simple as focusing on your breath, a happy image in your mind, or a mantra of your choice, for 5 minutes to however long you want to continue. According to therapists and meditation experts, this single-pointed concentration technique settles the mind, while taking note of the inner dialogue.

Candle Study Exercise

This one is a favorite for many. All you have to do is just light your favorite candle, sit in front of it and watch the flame. You will actually find your mind wandering, while the candle flame sways and flickers in front of your eyes. Gaze at the candle for 5-10 minutes, and simply let go of yourself. Observe your thoughts and let them pass without holding on or judging. According to wellness experts, this mindfulness exercise is actually a form of meditation, which can therapeutically soothe your soul and calm your mind.

The Sound Game

This is a great mindfulness activity to do with kids. Tell the little ones to focus on their listening years and ask them to identify 10 sounds that they can hear. You can prompt them by asking questions like, “What are the sounds you can hear inside the room? Can you hear sounds from inside your body? Outside the room? Close or distant?” etc. According to wellness schools, this is a very helpful practice for children, especially when they get overwhelmed or disturbed. It’s a powerful technique to gently shift their attention from something disturbing or frustrating to something more generic and neutral.

Photos from Steven Spielberg’s Remake of West Side Story Have Been Released

Three women in 1960s dresses
Photos from Steven Spielberg’s Remake of West Side Story Have Been Released

If you, like many others, are on the edge of your seat waiting for updates on Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake, you are in luck because new photos have just been released! This special first look at the widely anticipated new film of the timeless 1961 classic is a breath of fresh air. What’s more, Steven Spielberg gave an interview discussing the movie, the story, and “fixing the wrongs” of the original film.

The Photos Show the New Tony and Maria

Photos from Steven Spielberg’s Remake of West Side Story Have Been Released

Actor Ansel Elgort and actress Rachel Zegler will portray the iconic characters of Tony and Maria in the remake of the musical that stole our hearts with its dangerous love story and rival New York gangs. Director Steven Spielberg opened up about the classic tale making a comeback through a kind of social fury ignited by the battle against prejudice and xenophobia.

A Familiar Face Will Make a Comeback

Photos from Steven Spielberg’s Remake of West Side Story Have Been Released

Actress Rita Moreno — who played the supporting role of Anita in the original movie — will come back for the remake, this time in a new role. She will now be playing the widow of Doc, Valentina. Rita also serves as the executive producer of the upcoming film. When asked about the 2020 version of West Side Story, she said the director and screenwriter set out to right some of the wrongs that happened in the first movie.

The New West Side Story Will Fix Past Mistakes

Photos from Steven Spielberg’s Remake of West Side Story Have Been Released

The 1961 version was criticized for applying darker makeup to the non-Puerto Rican actors, thus portraying them in a different light. Puerto Rican, Latinx, and Nuyorican communities are diverse, and the West Side Story remake will make sure to show exactly that. A quick look at the incredibly diverse cast for the remake serves to prove it. The movie is set for release in December later this year.