5 Hacks to Restore Your Summer Outfits!

Remember when your grandmother used to talk about all the home remedies you can use to restore the clothes that have been in a truck for a while? Did you ignore them because you thought they were a complete waste of time? But, it seems that she wasn’t all that wrong. When you take out that summer dress all faded once winter has passed, you really need that advice back! Here are five hacks that you can use to restore all your summer outfits to their prime!

Rinse Them Off With This Magical Mix

If you open your truck and see that the bright colors of your summer dresses have faded away, this concoction can help you out. Try mixing half a cup of salt with half a cup of white vinegar. Put this mix in your washing machine and give your clothes a wash with some cold water. The mixture of vinegar and salt is known to break minerals, and that can help your garments restore their original bright colors.

Remove Stubborn Wrinkles With an Ice Bath

We all have too many clothes and too little space. This can often lead to stuffing them all in the trunk and wrinkling them pretty badly in the process. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are going to need some ice instead of a hot steamy iron this time. Just add some ice cubes to your dryer along with the wrinkled clothes and let them melt through the material. Once that happens, the steam will help you with the ceases. An alternative to the ice cubes is a damp towel.

Get That Zipper Moving

One very common struggle we have all been through is the stubborn stuck zipper. Due to being unused for a while, these can dry out and therefore not move. Instead of force-pulling and breaking it, try giving it a few good rubs of Vaseline, soap bar, candlestick, or some wax. These residues can soften up the chain, and you can wear your favorite pair of shorts again.

Replace a Button With Ease

This is another item that comes from your kitchen and can help bring your summer clothes back to their former glory. If you’ve lost buttons, just use the twist-ties that we use to seal bread packets. Thread them through the holes of the lost button. The extremely thin ties will be invisible to the onlooker and you’ll have fixed your wardrobe without any hassle.

Fix Those Saggy Bra Straps

Keeping your bras in the drawer for a long time can make their straps loose and droopy, taking away the support you need. You can’t restore their size back, but here is a quick fix for you to make them supportive again. Take a couple of paper clips and place one of them in the middle of the strap on your back. Attack the other end of the clip to the back side of another strap. This will form a little X on your back, tightening up your straps.