Should You Shower in the Morning or Night? The Answer Will Seriously Surprise You

Should You Shower in the Morning or Night? The Answer Will Seriously Surprise You

Everybody showers, but the idea of what time is best to do it differs from person to person. Some believe that morning is the best to freshen yourself up and get ready for the day. On the other hand, some think that cleanliness before bed is a must, and hence choose to shower at night. Some people, though, take both approaches and opt for two showers a day. While there is no right or wrong answer, here is what a doctor has to say for which is the “better” answer.

A Doctor’s Opinion

Aragona Giuseppe, MD, weighed in with her opinion that shower timing mostly depends on personal choice and lifestyle. Most people prefer morning showers as they believe that starting the day feeling fresh and clean is the optimum way to have the best day.

However, even though it is the more popular choice, it is not necessarily the better one. Instead, Dr. Giuseppe says that a night shower holds more merits than a morning shower, and this is why!

The Benefits of a Night Shower

Night showering is more beneficial as it helps you wash off the dirt and grime that your body might have collected throughout the day. It’s a similar reason to why you should brush your teeth before climbing into bed.

If you don’t shower at night, these particles will transfer to your sheets and can cause further problems like nighttime rashes and irritated skin. He also adds that a relaxing shower can promote a good night’s sleep, as it calms the body down and helps you feel clean.

The Temperature Is More Important

On the other hand, healer Antonia Harman claims that the temperature of the water is more important than the time of day. She suggests that when you’re going for a morning shower, a colder shower works best as it boosts your immune, digestive, and circulatory systems for the day. When you’re stepping in for a night shower, keep the temperature high as hot showers help make you sleepy by raising your temperature and dropping it as you cool off afterward. It acts like a natural sedative.

The Temperature Is More Important

Ultimately, what time you shower comes down to what you prefer. Just pay attention to the temperature of the water to make the best of your morning wake-up shower or your nightly wind down.

Celebrating Kool & Gang’s Greatest Hit: ‘Celebration’

Who hasn’t heard Celebration? The groovy hit played at every (you guessed it) celebration is a hit by 1960s band Kool & the Gang and has cemented its place in history as a song that will live on forever.

The conception of the Song

The song came into existence on the night of the American Music Awards, when the band won two awards for their 1979 hit Ladies Night. Robert ‘Kool’ Bell, co-founder of the R&B/funk band, remembers how the elation of winning the award had resulted in his brother, and another co-founder Ronald ‘Khalis’ Bell coming up with the idea of this song. The working title of this yet untitled tune was Celebration, and the rest as they say, is history.

The Success

The song peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart on February 7,1981. The hit can be heard regularly at many weddings and games. Bell also commented how the song, which has been their biggest hit, has been played at the SpaceStation. Bell further claimed that the song, which has stood the test of time, can never be copied and the band would never have a hit like that.

Future Plans

Kool & the Gang recently released a new album called ‘Perfect Union,’ as well as a single ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in August. They have launched a concert tour this year, with stops in both the US and Europe. Apart from making new music, Bell, with his son Hakim, has his own line of spirits called Le Kool Champagne. The duo, along with Robert’s other son, also head the Kool Kids Foundation, which supports music education in schools and colleges. In addition to that, the Kool & the Gang co-founder, along with baseball legend Dusty Baker, have started a solar energy venture called Kool-Baker Global, promoting renewable energy in the US and Africa.