How to Get Static Out of Clothes

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We’ve all had that frustrating moment of realizing that our freshly washed clothes are full of static. While having your clothes cling to your body and getting low-key shocked all the time is definitely a look, it’s unlikely that’s the fashion statement you’re going for. Not to worry, though, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you remove unwanted static from any piece of clothing!

Transfer the Static to Metal

Laundrylicious founder Marieke van der Graaf recommends finding a metal surface in your home and transferring the static from your clothes onto that surface. She suggests either a wire hanger or a door hinge. She also advises ensuring each part of the clothing item touches the metal, in order to get rid of all the static.

Add Some Moisture

Static persists in dry environments, so turning on a humidifier can be a great way to add some moisture to the air and get that annoying static out of your clothes. On that same note, spraying some water onto your clothing can help too. ArbOUR Products founder, Carol Mehas, suggests keeping “a fine mist sprayer in your laundry room to remove the static as you pull each piece of clothing out of the dryer.” Another way to add moisture to both your clothes and your skin is to put on some body lotion before getting dressed. Just make sure that your lotion of choice isn’t going to stain your clothes.

Wipe and Shake

Another great trick is to wipe your clothes with dryer sheets, as they contain fabric softener, which balances out the electrons with protons. Mehas also suggests being like Taylor Swift and shaking it off. She says, “Take the time to remove as much static as you can before putting your clothes away by shaking out each garment as you pull it from the dryer.”

Image by Freepik

Bonus points if you play the song “Shake it Off” while doing that!