How to Get Rid of the Stinky Smells in Your Home

From the forgotten laundry bag to the unemptied lunch box, anything in your home can be the source of bad odor. But stinky, pungent smells often indicate a more serious home hygiene problem, like germs or unwanted moisture. Here are a few tips from experts on how to identify and remedy the often overlooked problem areas.

Improving Air Quality

According to environmental toxin expert Tonya Harris, opening windows should be a habitual part of the cleaning routine in every household. Less exchange of air makes the house damp. If windows are less of an option, using an air purifier can enhance the air quality of your room. A purifier with a charcoal filter will help to neutralize odors, while a HEPA filter will get rid of allergens.

Eliminating Common Culprits

Identify and eliminate the common stinky culprits in your home. That can be an unwashed gym laundry bag or a full trash can. Finding the more generalized atmospheric smells is important here, as often we get used to those odors due to mundane habits. Experts suggest asking for help from any friend who is not that accustomed to your home. A critical sniff test from an outsider can be helpful in troubleshooting the source.

Treating Upholstery

Just covering your couch is not enough to remove or neutralize bad odors, because scent molecules get deeply embedded in the curtains, rugs, and furniture. You need to brush, vacuum, and launder the upholstery items at regular intervals to get rid of them. For furniture, there are several good quality cleaning sprays available at most convince stores.

Freshening Pets and Pet Products

A house with pets needs extra caution and care to maintain proper hygiene. Giving your pet a good bath regularly is just the start. The pet beddings also need to be laundered often, and with a sanitizing laundry detergent. Between the washes, opt to use a natural pet odor eliminator spray. A litter deodorizer is also highly useful to get rid of that distinctive stinky smell.