A New Study Finds Out if Sweetener Ruins the Potential Health Benefits of Coffee

Many of us can’t enjoy our regular cuppa joe without at least a spoonful of sugar or artificial sweetener. Thankfully, new research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that extra sweeteners may not affect the potential health benefits of coffee if taken in moderation.

The Objective

There are several studies that suggest that moderate consumption of coffee has some health benefits like better digestion, lowering the risk of endometrial cancer, etc. But not many studies have focused on the different effects of sweetened and unsweetened versions of the drink. This particular study, led by MD Dan Liu, aimed to find out if there is any particular negative effect of drinking coffee with sugar or artificial sweetener.

The Setup

To conduct the study, Liu and his team used data collected from the UK Biobank, a database gathering genetic and medical information from volunteers. They followed the data of 171,616 participants with an average age of 55, and without any underlying cancerous or cardiovascular diseases. The participants were split into groups of unsweetened coffee drinkers, sugar-sweetened coffee drinkers, artificially sweetened coffee drinkers, and overlappers with mixed drinking habits.

The Result

The volunteers were followed for seven years, over the course of which a total of 3177 participants passed away. 628 among them passed from cardiovascular disease, 1725 from various cancers, and the remaining 824 from several other causes. The researchers found that drinking a moderate amount of coffee regularly, i.e. up to three cups with or without sugar, correlated to a lower risk of death resulting from cardiovascular disease, cancer, or any other causes. They also concluded that the amount of sweetener should be limited to about one teaspoon per cup of coffee. But the potential risk or benefit of drinking artificially-sweetened coffee remained undetermined as this group of drinkers was using the fake sugar, due to pre-existing health issues like obesity, diabetes, etc.

Eva Longoria Is All Set For a Desperate Housewives Comeback

Desperate Housewives famed Eva Longoria revealed that she is ready to return for a reboot of the show. According to an industry source, the classic ABC drama is unlikely to get a revival, after the finale of the series aired in 2012. But the actress seems hopeful nonetheless!

The Show

Eva Longoria starred in the comedy-drama-mystery series Desperate Housewives which premiered in 2004 on ABC. Created by Why Women Kill show-runner Marc Cherry, the series garnered much praise throughout its eight seasons, from viewers and critics alike. The show also secured multiple awards including two Golden Globes in the category of the Best Series- Musical or Comedy.

The Cast and the Story

The show centered on the lives of four women living in the suburban area of Wisteria Lane. The story began after the incident of the suicide of the women’s friend, Mary Alice Young, and was narrated by the deceased character, who was voiced by Brenda Strong. Eva Longoria played the role of Gabrielle Solis, one of the four main women. The show also starred famed actresses Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman alongside Longoria, in the central roles of Susan Mayer, Bree Van de Kamp, and Lynette Scavo, respectively. These friends embarked on a journey to solve the mystery behind their friend’s demise while hiding and facing other secrets in their own suburban lives.

The Impact

Desperate Housewives was one of the most successful TV series of its time. Several critical reviews have hailed the show as a great mix of soap opera and mystery, much like the acclaimed show Twin Peaks. Considering the level of popularity and box office success, it’s only natural that the question of a reboot has been circling for some time now. Especially now, when nearly every popular show, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Sex and the City, is being revived or rebooted decades later, Desperate Housewives appears to be the perfect next candidate to take the same route.

The Possibility of Revival

Almost ten years have passed since the final episode of Desperate Housewives was aired. In the meantime, even though Eva Longoria has responded positively to a series reboot, confessing that she is ready to sign up for another journey to Wisteria Lane, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Unlike Longoria, the other cast members expressed no such enthusiasm and out-rightly rejected the idea of the show’s return. The creator Marc Cherry also expressed the view that he has finished exploring the characters, strongly putting a stop to the idea of a revival.