Husband Marked His 67th Wedding Anniversary Outside Wife’s Nursing Home

It takes more than walls and some distance to keep true love apart. Bob, a man from Connecticut, certainly proved that with the way he decided to celebrate his 67th anniversary with his loving wife. Due to recent world health events, he was apart from his wife, Nancy, who had to stay inside her Nursing home. Despite the fact that he couldn’t visit her in person, he still decided to make a lovely banner and show up in front of the nursing home to share his feelings and mark their special day!

A Touching Anniversary Story

On the day of their jubilee, Bob showed up outside his wife, Nancy’s nursing home in Stafford Springs. The couple couldn’t visit each other in person, but that wouldn’t stop him from commemorating this wonderful occasion. He stood in front of her nursing home window and held up a banner on which he expressed how he has loved her for 67 years and still does, wishing her a happy 67th anniversary. Nancy watched from her second-floor window, waved, and blew a kiss. The nursing home employees and all others who witnessed this heartwarming act were moved by the amount of love this elderly couple still shares after so many years.

An Inspiration to Their Children

Bob told NBC Connecticut news how he feels bad that his wife couldn’t be right there with him and that he would never want anyone besides her. Their daughter, Laura, said that her parents never spent a single anniversary apart before. She and her siblings always found their parents to be an inspiration to them and admire how, after all these years together, they still find ways to express their love for one another. Laura stated that Bob and Nancy have set a wonderful example for all their children and expresses hope to be as lucky to have what they have.