5 Perfect Pixie Cuts for Different Types of Hair

If there’s one haircut that’s for everyone, it has to be a pixie cut. No matter your face shape or your age, anyone can actually pull off a pixie cut. This hairstyle is also the best option for people struggling with thinning hair. There are many types of pixie cuts you can choose from depending on your style and preference. Here’s a guide to the best pixie hair for you, according to your hair type.

The Classix Pixie: For Straight Hair

People with straight hair can’t go wrong with the classic pixie cut. This look is perfect for adding volume to the top of your head and showing off your gorgeous features. From Princess Diana at the peak of her fame to Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, everyone has gone for this easy yet sassy hairdo.

A Pixie Shag: For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair, if well-maintained, is gorgeous and chic in itself. However, if you want to rock some cropped hair, the pixie shag is for you. It’s different from the classic pixie in terms of the length of the hair. Instead of tucking your hair behind the ear, here, your hair shows layers and has curtain bangs. A pixie shag needs no extra effort and is a wash and rush hairdo. You can hit it with hairspray for some volume, though.

An Undercut Pixie: For Loose Curls

Usually, people don’t like the blend of loose curls and short hair. But with an undercut pixie, this combination is perfect. An undercut is basically long hair at the front and shorter at the side. The rest is taken care of by your curly hair. Your hairstylist can actually customize the length of the sides depending on your face cut.

Close-Cropped Pixie: For Tight Curls

If you have beautiful curls, the best pixie cut for you is a close-cropped one. With the perfect length, you can choose to add a piece of accessory to take it up a notch. A headband, a scarf, or a barrette will not only escalate your cut but also enhance your curls.

The Platinum Pixie: For the Bold Type

If you want to take a risk and go for something bold and confident, the Platinum Pixie is the perfect fit for you. This pixie cut can be rocked by anyone and everyone, and Charlize Theon even hit a red-carpet event with this hairdo! A perfect, clean look that’ll make you look and feel like a boss!

Here’s What the Sex and the City Star Cast is Wearing in the Reboot Series

Every 20 something girls’ dream team is back in action – and Just Like That, the Sex and the City’s reboot is going to give you some major fashion goals. Take a look at the internet-breaking outfits of the cast from the upcoming series.

Carrie Bradshaw a Fashion Icon

When the show first aired on HBO in 1998, girls from across the world looked up to Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion sense. Every girl wanted to be her, and rightly so – the character was given some really quintessential fashion style. Jumping to 2021, and the fancy to dress and be like Carrie and her friends have only magnified with time.

Tid-Bits From the First Day of Shooting

Sarah Jessica Parker shared a photo of her day one of shooting with her co-stars Cynthia Nixon who embodies the role of Miranda, and Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, and the fans are going gaga over it. Sadly we won’t be seeing Kim Cattral, who plays the legendary role of Samantha in the reboot series. Needless to say, the phenomenal group looked exceptional in the photo walking the streets of the romantic New York City.

Who Wore What?

The casts’ fashion sense is a mix of edgy and chic and definitely looks like they are in tune with the new era. True to her character’s personality, we see Cynthia in a breezy grey plaid button-down paired along with cream loosely fitted trousers. The stunner Sarah’s outfit oozed glamor and style, pairing a beige cardigan with a checkered high-waisted skirt and strappy Mary Jane heels. At the same time, Kristin maintained her high-society classy vibe wearing a black color pencil skirt paired with a black off-shoulder white polka dot blouse. From the looks of it, we are guessing the show is going to be high on fashion and friendship!