DIY Homemade Solutions for Natural Weed Killers

A beautifully manicured and perfectly polished lawn or garden is susceptible to weeds. Thankfully, there are several potent homemade weed killers. Try these natural, chemical-free, DIY solutions to wage an effective war on weeds.

Boiling Water

This homemade DIY weed killer is simple, inexpensive, and effective. Just take a pot of boiling water and slowly pour the water close to the weeds to kill them right away! One should also follow some basic safety precautions to prevent accidental burns. But this is not a permanent solution as boiling water does not kill the weeds from their roots. So, if the weeds regrow, repeat the process as needed, until the area is clear and weed-free.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural acid that can kill weeds. Fill a spray bottle with real lemon juice and spray heavily on the infected areas. It will dry up naturally within 1-2 days, killing the weeds in the meantime. You can also mix the lemon juice with acidic vinegar to make this homemade solution extra strong.


Don’t be surprised, even professional landscapers use this simple weed-killing method! First, use a weed whacker to address the weeds, then lay down a newspaper on the infected area. Newspaper shuts out sun and air, blocking the weeds from growing as a result. Top it off with mulch to prevent the weeds from showing up again. As the newspaper will break down eventually, there’s no worry about clean-up too!

Vinegar Solution

To make this homemade weed killer solution, mix one gallon of vinegar, one cup of salt or borax, and one tablespoon of dish soap. Pour the liquid mixture into a spray bottle. It’s better if the nozzle can be toggled between a stream and a spray. If the infected area is small, then shoot a stream. If the area is large, opt for the spray. But remember, a more potent borax can also harm the flower and the soil. So, don’t go heavy-handed with the spraying.