3 Useful Ideas for Organizing Your Pantry

3 Useful Ideas for Organizing Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry is essential — but not necessarily a fun task. We’ve all taken the basic measures, like using baskets and bins, storing in clear containers, labeling the jars, etc to keep our pantries clean. Now it’s time to look at these advanced ideas which will help you step up your pantry game!

Having a Big Mouth Is Always Helpful!

Well, not for you, but for your pantry jars! You should always think about how you prefer to remove a dry ingredient from its container before you choose the container for it. For example, if you want to scoop out your rice or flour with a measuring cup, don’t opt for a big mason jar to store them in. The small opening will hinder your scooping. In such cases, wide storage jars with big mouths will do the trick and save you a ton of hassle.

Go for a ‘First in, First Out’ System

3 Useful Ideas for Organizing Your Pantry

This method will ensure minimum wastage in your pantry. There are always a few items that can be found in bulk in almost every pantry, like soda cans, beverages, veggies, broth cartons, extra boxes of cereals, etc. Store and arrange those items in a way so that the older stuff gets used first. Push the older materials to the forefront while restocking, and add the newer ones to the back. The newly bought ones should wait for their turns!

There’s No Way to Be Fully ‘Done’

And here is the inevitable truth of pantry organization. No matter what way you chose to do it, or how satisfied you feel after, your neatly organized pantry will last for only a few months before it all becomes a mess again. In no time, you’ll need to take care of dust and spills, toss the expired ingredients, and tweak a few systems, and that’s just the tip. The trick is to go for thorough quarterly checkups three or four times a year. so you never have to go through a complete pantry overhaul at once.