Top Tips to Prevent Your Hands From Looking Older Than You Are

Generally, we start seriously thinking about aging after 25, after spending the early 20s in a dreamy state of not being worried about getting older. But when we start to take precautions against aging, we mostly focus on our faces, completely forgetting, or ignoring, the fact that other exposed parts of our body directly face the outside elements each day, like our palms. Our hands age just the same as the face, even faster! But, often, we realize the prematurely older state of our hands too late. But not anymore! Here are a few easy tips to keep your hands smooth and youthful-looking.

Preventing Exposure to Sun

Direct exposure to sunlight is the most common and prominent culprit of premature aging. And we know how to prevent older-looking skin by using moisture and SPF. But often, we overlook the hands while paying attention to shielding our facial skin. The backs of our hands have a smaller surface area than our faces, but that doesn’t make them immune to wrinkles, sunspots, and other potential skin damage. We’ve long ditched the practice of wearing gloves regularly. So instead, we need to embrace the practice of wearing sunscreen, regularly, on our hands. Hand creams with sun protection are the best choice to give your hands specialized care.

Quitting Smoking Habits

There are a ton of reasons to quit smoking. One of them is that our hands can always tell the truth. A smoking habit can cause several internal hand damages, like poor blood circulation and restricted bone healing. But when it comes to the delicate skins on the back of our palms, the signs are more visible. Smoking can also slow down the wound healing process and considerably speed up the process of premature aging, making our hands look older than they actually are.

Skin Care Negligence

Just like for our faces, sunscreen alone is not enough for our hands, either. The skin on the back of our hands gets thinner and older quickly as we age, and therefore they need more care and protection. The people who take extra care of their hands by using hand creams or slathering moisturizers on their hands before bed actually have the right idea! So, treat the skin on your hands no less than your face and extend the regular skincare regime to your hands, as well. It’s time to realize that regular cleansers, moisturizers, SPFs, and serums are also essential for retaining youthful hands. Extra care with cuticle oil or cream will not go amiss, either!