Man Adds 25 Friends to a Survivor Group Chat and One Person Got Voted Off Each Week


In a surprising turn of events, a podcaster recently shared an intriguing story about a friend who organized a Survivor-style group chat where participants would vote off one person each week. The game’s chaotic nature quickly unfolded, causing a rift among friendships. The TikTok account ButterTokk revealed the captivating details of this unique social experiment.

The Game

According to the podcaster, his friend initiated the game by inviting 25 individuals to a WhatsApp group, introducing it as Survivor. Each week, participants would cast their votes, leading to the elimination of one person. The game spanned three months and proved to be both intense and hilarious. Participants formed alliances, and they also found the show’s hidden immunity idol, with the game organizer cleverly advertising the idol through his WhatsApp status to avoid suspicion. Curiosity was piqued, and the podcaster’s co-host inquired if he had been the first to message the organizer for the idol. The response revealed an unexpected twist: another participant messaged the organizer, earning the coveted immunity idol and surviving the vote. This turn of events in the Survivor group sparked a frenzy of communication among participants, strategizing and plotting against one another throughout the day.

The Result

The Result

While the podcaster admitted coming close to victory, a backstabbing betrayal ultimately shattered his chances, leaving him out. The Survivor game had taken an unexpectedly dark turn, revealing the depths to which participants were willing to go for success. Despite the rollercoaster of emotions, the podcaster shared that the experience was immensely enjoyable and captivating. Although the game organizer refused to restart the game, the group members were undoubtedly enthralled by the strategic aspects and unexpected twists that unfolded. The video sparked a frenzy of comments, with some imagining the frustration of being the first voted off and wondering if the losers made a second group to talk about the ongoing game, while others humorously connected the chaos to the crazy TV show.

Is Gillian Anderson Upset That Friend Jemima Khan Is Dating Her Ex?

Gillian Anderson & Peter Morgan

It seems that 2020 truly was a testing time for famous couples like X-Files Gillian Anderson (52) and The Crown writer Peter Morgan (57), who announced their separation last month after four years of dating. Just a few weeks later, Morgan has reportedly moved on with socialite Jemima Khan, and the pair is rumored to be living together already. It’s hard to imagine Anderson is happy about the news.

Gillian Anderson & Peter Morgan Worked Together on The Crown

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher on The Crown season 4 It’s unclear how Gillian and Peter met, but they began dating in 2016. Their romantic relationship grew into a professional one when Anderson was cast as Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of the hit Netflix series The Crown, where Morgan is the writer, creator, and showrunner. Whether that put additional strain on the couple or not will remain a mystery, however, sources say that Gillian was upset about her ex-partner moving on so quickly and that she “certainly raised an eyebrow at news of the romance.”

An “Amicable” Separation

When Gillian and Peter’s split was made public last month, it was reported to be an amicable separation. A close friend of the new couple said that Peter and Jemima have been happily dating since the New Year, and another source stated that his split with Gillian Anderson didn’t happen overnight — it had been a process. The source continued by saying Morgan and Khan had known each other a long time and were in a “support bubble” together, which may explain them living together so quickly.

Jemima Khan

Gillian has two previous marriages and three children, while Morgan has five children from his marriage to aristocrat Anna Carolina Schwarzenberg. This extended family and history may have complicated the couple’s relationship and led to its end. Peter’s new flame, Jemima Khan, had been romantically linked in the past to Russel Brand, Hugh Grant, and other celebrities.